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Esay Tray

Because of the socio-economic conditions, snacking has become over the years a way of daily consumption for millions. This trend, which continues to grow, has evolved along with nomadism, this mode of consumption developed by the lack of space or time or by the desire to be in motion while consuming.

These trends have multiplied exponentially the takeaway offers, giving birth to a culture of Street Food.
Easy Tray fits into the evolution of this mode of consumption by providing the comfort and freedom of movement which the consumer was lacking and opens a market with huge potential.

Why Easy Tray is going to change the habits ?

Snacking and nomadism are the two main trends of consumption outside home and future growth still attract more players in this market.
Practicality and ergonomics are two essential elements for this type of use. Packaging innovations contribute greatly to the improvement of these aspects. These, however, are limited by the position of the consumer, which is often standing, holding the drink with one hand and food (sandwich, box, etc.) with the other. Consumption becomes then difficult when there is a combination of food and drink in a non seated position and prevents any other action.
The way of consumption will evolve with Easy Tray. Standing or sitting, in motion or not, you can eat (even with cutlery) and drink while being able to have your hands free at anytime.
No longer need to search a seat, you can walk around, surf the web on your phone, send sms, applaud, hold your child’s hand or whatever else you would need to do with your hands while having your meal and your drink at hand.

Light and compact, Easy Tray, thanks to its practicality and design, is going to appeal millions around the world and revolutionize their habits. Lunch break, pic-nic, hiking, open air event, camping, cocktail dinner, Easy Tray is devoted to become an everyday life accessory all over the world. Easy Tray will be with you, everywhere. A true ( r )evolution

Ergonomic and innovative

In collaboration with a team of engineers and designers, Easy Tray has been the focal point of a study to maximize its practicality, comfort and security while making it an aesthetic object destined to become trendy and useful to the largest number.   

Study market

Creatests survey November 2012. 1050 people from 18 to 70 years old interviewed


  • 100% Eat often or occasionnaly outside in a non seated position
  • 71% Eat at least 3 times per month in a non seated position
  • 85%Would be interested in a solution which will make eating outside easier (making it possible to eat with cutlery, to hold the meal and the drink at the same time, to use the phone for calls, sms or internet…)
  • After having learned about the concept, 70% were interested in Easy Tray
Full study available on demand

Patented system

Easy Tray has an is patented and protected by the convention signed by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) member countries.

Licence concession

You are a manufacturer, an investor, a distributor, with a network operating licence you will be able to win a high potential market and make profit out of a product which will change the habits of millions around the world.